Download and install the appropriate printer packages below. Please note that you will not be able to download these packages or print from off campus

These printer packages only work on computers that are managed by ITS. If you have a computer purchased with Oxy funds that is not managed by ITS, install the printer packages for personal computers. If you have questions about what will work for your computer, please provide the OXY ID# to the Technology Helpdesk, and we'll let you know which option to use for that machine.

The printer packages below will not work if you install them on your personal computer. View installation instructions for your personal computer.

Academic Commons AcademicCommons for PCs AcademicCommons for Macs
Admissions Adm for PCs Adm for Macs
Advising Advising for PCs Advising for Macs
Art Art for PCs Art for Macs
Associated Students of Occidental College ASOC for PCs ASOC for Macs
Athletics Athl for PCs Athl for Macs
Biology Bio for PCs Bio for Macs
Biology Lab BioLab for PCs BioLab for Macs
Bookstore Book for PCs Book for Macs
Booth Booth for PCs Booth for Macs
Business Office Bus for PCs Bus for Macs
Campus Safety Safety for PCs Safety for Macs
Center for Community Based Learning CCBL for PCs CCBL for Macs
Center for Food & Justice UEPI-CFJ for PCs UEPI-CFJ for Macs
Chemistry Chem for PCs Chem for Macs
Child Development Center CDC for PCs CDC for Macs
Cognitive Science  CogSci for PCs CogSci for Macs
Core Program Core for PCs Core for Macs
Dean of Students  DeanStu for PCs DeanStu for Macs
Dean of the College DeanCol for PCs DeanCol for Macs
Diplomacy & World Affairs DWA for PCs DWA for Macs
Economics Econ for PCs Econ for Macs
Education Educ for PCs Educ for Macs
Education Lab EducLab for PCs EducLab for Macs
Emmons Wellness Center Emmons for PCs Emmons for Macs
Facilities Management FM for PCs FM for Macs
Financial Aid Office FAO for PCs FAO for Macs
Fowler Labs FowlerLab for PCs FowlerLab for Macs
Geology Geo for PCs Geo for Macs
Geology Labs GeoLab for PCs GeoLab for Macs
Global Affairs GA for PCs GA for Macs
Hameetman Career Center Career for PCs Career for Macs
Hazelwood Hazelwood for PCs Hazelwood for Macs
Herrick Interfaith Center Interfaith for PCs Interfaith for Macs
History Hist for PCs Hist for Macs
Hospitality Services Hospitality for PCs Hospitality for Macs
Human Resources HR for PCs HR for Macs
IA Advancement Services IA-AdvSrv for PCs IA-AdvSrv for Macs
IA Alumni Relations IA-Alum for PCs IA-Alum for Macs
IA Annual Giving IA-AG for PCs IA-AG for Macs
IA Corporate and Foundation Relations IA-CFR for PCs IA-CFR for Macs
IA IA-CR for PCs IA-CR for Macs
IA Major Gifts IA-MG for PCs IA-MG for Macs
IA IA-SSE for PCs IA-SSE for Macs
IA Telefund IA-TFund for PCs IA-TFund for Macs
IA VP IA-VP for PCs IA-VP for Macs
Information Technology Services ITS for PCs ITS for Macs
Information Resources, Operations IR-OPS for PCs IR-OPS for Macs
Intercultural Community Center ICC for PCs ICC for Macs
International Programs Office Intl for PCs Intl for Macs
Johnson Hall Johnson for PCs Johnson for Macs
Kinesiology Kine for PCs Kine for Macs
Library Lib for PCs Lib for Macs
Mathematics Math for PCs Math for Macs
Moore Lab of Zoology MLZ for PCs MLZ for Macs
Music Music for PCs Music for Macs
Music Lab MusicLab for PCs MusicLab for Macs
Office of Marketing & Communications OMC for PCs OMC for Macs
Student Leadership, Involvement & Community Engagement SLICE for PCs SLICE for Macs
Philosophy Phil for PCs Phil for Macs
Physics Phys for PCs Phys for Macs
Physics Labs PhysLab for PCs PhysLab for Macs
Postal Operations Center POC for PCs POC for Macs
President's Office Pres for PCs Pres for Macs
Psychology Psyc for PCs Psyc for Macs
Registrar Reg for PCs Reg for Macs
Religious Studies Rels for PCs Rels for Macs
Residence Halls ResHalls for PCs ResHalls for Macs
Residential Education and Housing Services REHS for PCs REHS for Macs
Sociology Soc for PCs Soc for Macs
Swan Hall Swan for PCs Swan for Macs
Theater Thea for PCs Thea for Macs
Thorne Thorne9d for PCs Thorne9d for Macs
Undergraduate Research Center URC for PCs URC for Macs
Upward Bound UB for PCs UB for Macs
Urban & Environmental Policy Institute UEPI for PCs UEPI for Macs
Writing Center CAE for PCs CAE for Macs