How Do Passwords Work at Oxy?

MyOxy holds the master password for all of your Oxy accounts and services. Password changes should be done via

Microsoft Azure passwords (Moodle, Zoom, Library account, etc.) cannot be change independently of My Oxy. If you have trouble with these accounts, double check that you are using your full Oxy email ( as your user name. 

Google passwords can be changed independently if needed.

Forgotten Password

If you already set up your security questions in MyOxy, you can follow these instructions to recover your password

Changing your Password

  1. Log into myOxy
  2. Click on Password manager in the top or left navigation.
  3. Enter your current password, new password, and confirm the password.
  4. Log into Oxy Gmail to synchronize new password with your email account.
  5. Update your Oxy password on your mobile device accounts and password managers as needed.

If you cannot recover your password and are not able to change it through this method, please contact us at and we will verify you and make the change manually on our end.