In just a few steps, Panopto is easily integrated within any Moodle course page. Embedded videos mean that students never have to leave the Moodle environment; however, you may wish for them to use the full Panopto site to leverage a wider range of features.

Note: some Safari users may encounter difficulty launching the Panopto editor within the Moodle text editor or accessing videos properly. If you have encountered such a problem, consult this document.

How can I add Panopto to my Moodle page?

Panopto is already provisioned for all courses. The Panopto logo in the Moodle text editor will allow you to insert videos.

How can students access videos?

If you have installed the optional Panopto block in Moodle, links to recent recordings will automatically populate in the block on the right side of your course page. You may also embed video content almost anywhere else in Moodle by using the Panopto tool in the text editor or by providing a sharable link.