Fill out the wifi test form

This form will help us gather some information about your wireless connection so we can diagnose the issue you are having. Please follow the instructions below and fill out the form above with your findings, this will create a ITS Helpdesk Ticket which we will use to keep track of this issue.

To collect this information we’ll need you to run a few tests.

Windows & Apple OS

NetSpot is a free application for wireless site surveys, Wi-Fi analysis, and troubleshooting for Windows and Mac OS 10.6+.

Click here to Download

You will want to look for the green colored text which indicates the Wifi network your connected to and record that on the form below.

for Android Phones

This app is for Android, scan or click on the Image to go to the install page and install and run it. Open App, Click on the “Eye” and select “AP LIST” you will then see the Access points your device is connected to and the dBm ratings. please report the highest dBm rating you are seeing on the list.

Be sure to report the number associated with “oxyairnet”. Screenshot your screen and record the numbers so you can input them into the form below


Bandwidth Test

To test your bandwidth (Internet speed) you will want to visit this link and run it from the Device and Area you are having issues with. This will show us how much data you can Download and Upload to the Internet. Once you have run the test,  record what the Download and Upload numbers in the Wifi Test Form below.

 Test Your Internet Download Speed